Which InstaPot size is The Best for me?

The Instant Pot or Instapot. What Is the Best Instant Pots to Buy?

 I will tell you why you are here, because you are looking for Instapot review, I’m telling you that you are in the right place to look for that kind of information, especially online.
So you need some guidelines to help you out find out which instant pot sizes /model is the best for your needs and budget at the same time, so you can benefit as much as possible from your budget, am I right? Of course I am.

Continue reading so you will discover why I prefer Instapot as the most utilized kitchen gadget in my kitchen. Because I can do many things perfectly with just a simple push of a button that simply a lot kitchen gadgets (and especially pressure cookers), cannot, obviously.


What is The Instant Pot?

Instant Pot is a simple pot that work with electricity that makes cooking fast and resilient and preserve the nutrients of your foods and dishes. It will make cooking a game of kids, by replacing around 10 kitchen appliances and making you save time, money and energy. If you are wondering about pressure cooking you will find out how much it was easy to use it and benefit from it, easy, efficient, and safe, this is The InstaPot.


You can use your instant pot to make the following dishes :

– Slow cooking dishes

– Rice

– Eggs

– Saute/Browning

– Yogurt

– Cake

– Steaming dishes

– Warm and Sterilize

Would you find one kitchen appliance that will do all this, easily? If you would, let me know!!! ( Just Kidding).

instapot review

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Instant Pot Review 2018

The following list is the features that I pay attention to, carefully before I I buy any home appliance, including kitchen ones:

– Is it easy to use?

– Is it safe? (for me and for my family).

– Does it deserve my money?

– Is it well reviewed on Amazon?

instant pot review

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Fortunately, the Instant Pot replies to all these questions positively, I’m sure that now is right time to grab yours from Amazon. Honestly, I hate cooking. I used cookers before, but not quite often because if the nose and low level safety standards. But one day I was hanging out on amazon and I found out this treasure, well presented and well-reviewed, and also the price is very encouraging, it was the first time I will use a cooked using electricity instead of other forms of energy. So as you can guess, yes you are right, I bought one, and I have started using it. And now it becomes one of the most used kitchen appliances, in fact, it’s one of the essentials. And I can also use it for other benefits as I have listed in the list above.

There is three size of the instant pot available, 5 quarts, 6 quarts and 8 quarts. I have the 8 quarts and it fits 100% my family needs of 5 people. And recommend the same size if you have more than 5 people at home.


Key Features

before I will explain to you each model with its benefits, I prefer to take a look at the key features, let’s do it :

– 24 Delay Start Timer

– 3 play stainless steel pot, to guarantee safety run, and a longer period of use.

– Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

– Very easy to Use Control Panel

– 3 Temperature settings for Saute and Slow Cooking

– 14 built-in programs made especially for beginners to use instant pot. Includes soup, meat/stew, rice, yogurt, porridge and others.

– Automatic Keep-warm and Dual pressure settings.

– Energy efficiency, helping you on saving on electricity bells.

– Certified by UL and ULC, for extremely kitchen friendly and safe with   10 built-in safety mechanisms.


I introduce you here some new features that are now introduced in the all-new Instant Pot Ultra 2018 :

– Altitude adjustment, for more precise cooking time.

– Cake, eggs and sterilize controls.

– New Dial, for the beginner, to make cooking program selection easy.

– Cooking process indicator for cooking states: Cook, keep warm and preheat.

– Steam release reset button, for performing continuous and pulse steam release manually

– Smart programs to save your last customization,

so no need anymore to memorize your recipes



Instant Pot  comparison and Models


<img src = Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, 6 Qt 9-in-1 Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1 Multi Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth 6 Qt 7-in-1
Pressure Cooker
Slow Cooker
Rice Cooker
Yogurt Maker
Egg Cooker
Cake Maker
Pressure Cooking Only High High/Low High/Low High/Low High/Low
Size 3,6,8 Qt 3,6,8 Qt 3,6,8 Qt 3,6,8 Qt 6 Qt
Built-in Programs 10 13 15 16 17
Custom Programming
Cooking Progress Indicator
Altitude Adjustment
Buy On Amazon Buy On Amazon Buy On Amazon Buy On Amazon Buy On Amazon

Which Instant pot fits to my needs?

This question depends on the level of comfort you are searching. You can get the instant pot LUX under a low budget, or you can get 100% benefits and get your Ultra or Smart Instant pot.

In my opinion, it all has to do with your needs. Personally, I prefer the instant pot DUO. DUO Plus has some additional release like egg boil, sterilizer and cake maker options.

If you have basic needs, so you don’t need advanced features like Cake Maker, Sterilizer and Yogurt Maker, the LUX is the best for you. You will be on your budget and you will benefit from Instant Pot features at the same time.

If you are a “Beast Cooker”, and you want to release your kitchen talents, go with the SMART.

If you are an accurate cooker and want precise results, Instant Pot Ultra is the best one. It includes altitude adjustment control, that makes you control almost everything about your recipes, from time management to cooking pressure.


Which instant pot sizes?

According to my cooking experience, I would advise you to go for the biggest size possible you can afford, rather than having a small size and after that thinking twice about that decision. Small needs will be found in a bigger size but not the opposite.

For example, if you go for the 6 Quart, you can fill up 2/4th or 3/4th of it and you still good, rather than having 5 Quart and filling it 100%, for my family I have the 8 Quart and if I need to fill just 2/4th of it, I’m still good.

So if you are a large family like mine, you would be better to go for the largest size.


Why should I get an Instant Pot?

After reading this review, I’m sure you have a clear idea that answers this question clearly for you, so why not having the opportunity to benefit from all the features listed above with an excellent price?

But I will help you clarify this idea by reading some few lines below, enjoy!


Easy to Use

The instapot is your new cooker saver, you are just one push away from your cooking goals and results. Want to prepare yogurt? Just one push. You want to prepare beef meat? Just one push. Want  to cook something else? You know what you have to do.best instant pot sizes and price

In general, anything you want to prepare in cooking needs just one push from your golden fingers, Instant pot has a very easy reading digital screen that makes it very easy to control everything about your cooking process (temperature, pressure, heat, etc…). you will also have a manual user that will help you clarify any confusion.


Very high safety standards

Instapot is conceived to prevent all potent threats. To prevent any pressure leak, this kitchen gadget is equipped of a safety lock that keep the lid closed to protect you from being burnt by the cooking pressure. It also contain a built-in a pressure regulator to make sure that pressure is on the safety standards and not exceeding 15.23psi.

To protect your cooking operation from any steam leakage  ( if the steam is released), the insta pot has a leaky lid smart detection feature.

In any other unusual conditions in your cooking process, the “excess pressure protection technology”, send excess pressure to an internal chamber, if electric power or pressure are beyond their safety limits, there is a fuse that cuts off power to prevent your instapot from blasting.


Nutritious and Healthy food

Your instapot is highly manufactured to make sure to offer you delicious and healthy nutritious food by preserving your foods nutrients, which ordinary pressure cookers are not able to do. The Instapot has this feature because it’s equipped by a microprocessor controlled cooking cycle. And also the well sealed cooking environment helps in achieving that goal.


Energy efficiency

insta pot review and sizesOne of the best features that I personally love about this kitchen treasure, is that is 100% energetically efficient, it reduces your cooking bill by 70% compared to other kitchen appliances for example the oven, or others…

You are wondering why the Instapot is consuming less energy, I will answer that question, it’s because it cooks food in less time compared to other appliances.


The option of automating the temperature, makes the Instapot energy efficient, it heats the inner pot to a specific temperature. Besides, inside the Instapot has its sealed cooking environment so it consumes less water used in cooking compared to other kitchen appliances, especially in steaming. This option makes the instapot on the list of the Eco-friendly appliances.

This video below explains the features of the instapot :

Popular InstaPot Mistakes

In this section I’m presenting to you the common mistakes you should stay away from when you are using your Instapot, here is the list:


Forget the Inner Pot

Most users fill up the instapot with all the ingredients without using the inner pot, they just forget about it, as simple as that. This mistakes will cost you a lot by reducing the life of your instapot, and not getting the results you want from your golden kitchen appliance, so in simple words : Use your Inner Pot, as simple as that.


Erode the seal

The principle of the Instapot, is to take advantage as much as possible from air pressure, so your food will be cooked in the excellent way possible, when your forget to seal and secure the lid of your Instapot, you are not taking advantage of your air pressure, so your food will be raw. Make sure your lid is secure as 100% as you can.


Letting the pressure to not build up

One of the main features of the Insta pots, is pressure, but, this pressure needs some time to be built up, that’s what makes your Instapot works better than cookers, stoves and ovens, you should let it build up at the right pace, don’t rush things up. always add some 10 to 15 minutes in the preparation time, this is the best way to let the pressure build up and take advantage of it.


Filling the Instapot to its max

Generally, in the cooking process with pressure, ingredients ( especially the one that contains a lot of water), tends to expand, so, inside the pot you will notice there a line that shows you the maximum to fill up, this is the pot’s limit. Your ingredients should never be above this line at all.  Advise you to always keep your ingredients below this line, even if you cook for slow. In perfect situation and personally I fill up the half of my pot, in this case I’m sure that my ingredients has the needed space.


Slow actions

In my opinion, if you want great results with your cooking you must be attentive, even in the case of using intelligent appliances like the Insta pot, you need to be attentive and active at the same time. After many months of using this gadget I see that one of the most common mistakes that users makes, especially newbies, is not opening the valve as fast as possible. When you hit the “Quick Release” action, most users don’t spin the valve quickly, the result is, over-cooking unfortunately. The action of how quick you release the steam, makes the difference between tender and soggy vegetables.


The confusion with the timer

The timer button is very easy to detect on the digital display, there is no way to confuse it with other features and options, most of users think that timer is made up to make the Instant pot up and running, but I’m telling you the opposite here, the timer is made for the purpose to cause delay in the cooking process. The timer will start your Insta pot after the time has passed, and all this depends on the time you set on it.


Too little or too much liquid

As you know, there will be not steam to cook your food properly if there is no enough liquid inside the inner pot, so obviously your food will be under-cooked. Let’s see the opposite, and it will take more time to be ready (I’m talking about your food), if there is too much liquid, and there is higher chances that your dish will not please anyone, including you!

To make sure you are on the right amount of liquid, leave one cup of liquid at the beginning and start increasing the amount of the liquid as needed, but it’s an experience topic, you will get used to the right amount of liquid as times goes by.


Instapot vs ordinary Stovetop

Maybe you will laugh on this section, but trust me, it’s a truth. A lot of users take their Instapots and put it on their stove tops very weird and funny and the same time, yes I can feel that. This is a very dangerous mistake, so I don’t to warn you about that. Always put your instapot in a safe and dry place this is one of the safety standards that must be respected.


Thank you so much for coming this far on this instapot review, I hope you have enjoyed reading this text, and let me know if you have any question I will be very happy to help you. Cheers


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  1. This is a great review with a helpful break down of the different features! They seem similar when you shop on Amazon, so looking at a chart is really helpful. I’ll reference this when people ask me through my series of recipes and getting started guide on my website. Thanks so much!

  2. Love this article guys, the instapot sounds like a dream!! Hope I get to add it to my kitchen repertoire soon! Such a great guide too…I feel like I already know how to work one 😉 x

    • Thanks for the comment, dear!
      To be fair, there are a couple of “not so magical” and real-life things about the Instant Pot that we wanted to mention. But overall, it’s a pretty exciting tool and we’re so happy to have it. Just don’t want anyone to think it’s 100% great and easy and all without any downsides.
      Much love x

  3. I’ve been using an Instant Pot for several years now and LOVE it! I use it several times a week – it’s so handy! That pasta dish in your photos looks like heaven, by the way!

  4. My second instant pot is a duplicate IP duo50. It also remembers my previous setting on the timer. My first IP duo50 does not. Bought the first in Nov.and the second in Feb.

  5. I want, I want! I’ve had trouble with a “LoPr” message on my ip-duo60 when I overload it for chicken stock. I’m trying to determine if the 80 will fit in any of my cabinets. Can you tell me how tall it is with the pot inside but the lid off? If it’s less than 12″ then I think I can store it with the lid off – putting the lid beside it or behind it.

    I know it’s work for you to pull it out to measure for me but I’ve been unable to find out the minimum shelf height I need to store it.

    • With the lid off, it is 11″ high. With lid on: 15″ high by 16″ wide (handles are widest part) by 13.5″ deep. It just barely fits under my kitchen island – but my problem is the width – I have to turn it slightly sideways so the handles and the programmable display don’t keep the cabinet door from shutting.

  6. I also love my DUO80. I have a large family (5 kids) so, I found myself fighting the size of the DUO60. As soon as I received my DUO80, I gave my DUO60 to my in-laws.

    Another new feature of the DUO80 is the increase cook time. It can now cook for 240 minutes.

  7. Thank you for pictures of size comparisons. I’ve been searching for them. I have a family of six and the 5 quart IP. We are taking a month long road trip and an IP will be our main cooking device for dinners most nights. What size would you take on the trip? I’m willing to buy a bigger IP if it will make our trip easier.

    • my 6 quart is enough for my family of five under most circumstances. It’s only when I’m trying to cook extra – like I want leftovers, or have a crowd showing up – that I really like having the extra 2 quarts. That said, if the option is 5 quart or 8 quart, I’d go with the eight. 5 just seems…small for 6 people.

  8. Hi . I’ve had the 6qt for a couple of weeks now and decided to buy an 8qt because I occasionally cook for a crowd and liked having the larger pot. I wish I had simply ordered the 8 to begin with since I assume it can do everything the 6qt can do, but can also do it in a larger quantity. Do you find the 8qt takes longer to come to pressure than the 6?

    • It takes about the same amount of time…if it is the same amount of food. Heating up 2 cups of water for my first pressure test took almost exactly the same amount of time in both the 6 and 8 quart.

      But, when I use the 8 quart pot, I’m using it for the extra space, and takes longer to heat up the extra quart or two of liquid.

  9. Hey , have you found any accessories for the 8 quart? I’ve got one coming and would like a glass lid to use it as a slow cooker.


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