3 lifesaving kitchen ethics you must know


In this world of fastest and busiest schedules, it is quite challenging to balance everyday chores but it surely isn’t impossible. You can manage anything if you think and act a little smarter.

Kitchen – the favorite part of the home demands hacks, hacks and a lot of hacks to make the everyday schedule, a simpler and a calmer one because once a flinch or any kind of little or bigger mess in the kitchen, the entire day sums up to be the worst one.

As far as we are concerned about making the life much easier, we have got this informative article to teach you some super tips about how to deal with the kitchen fails and maintain the ethics.

  1. Too much salt?

Did you just mess up the entire porridge, soup or curry that you made with all the love and you were really excited to eat? Just because of that single unbalanced spoonful of salt?

Stop panicking! Because here’s what can save you from throwing the pot of the prepared food and making an entirely fresh one.

No, you didn’t guess it right. Adding more water and cooking the soup again is not an option because it surely affects the taste of the dish and sometimes may also ruin it completely.

The best possible way is to add the unsalted broth (if you have any) and cook on a medium flame.

Okay! Might be possible that you don’t have any unsalted material left. Don’t worry and simply place the small bag of rice in the pot and let it sit for a while. Rice is the proven absorbents and they save the situation.

  1. Can’t keep the food fresh?

In the friends or family get together it is very important to keep the served food as warm as possible to flaunt this fresh look of it. Same goes with the case of keeping a dessert chilled while serving.

The pro tip is to warm your oven-friendly serving dishes for 5minutes in the oven to serve and keep the food warm and fresh. Similarly, if you are up to dessert, chill your serving dishes in a refrigerator or a deep freezer for 10 minutes and make it worth the experience.

  1. Strong smell and taste of onions?

Argh!  I remember panicking the heck out of myself because of this harsh smell and taste of the onions in the curry at the last minutes, and I needed to serve the dinner on time.

I came across this lifesaving hack of getting rid of these mood spoilers.


If you haven’t started preparing the food and are on the slicing the onion part, you may save this strong taste and smell by either placing the sliced onions in the chilled ice water or adding the vinegar to the pot and placing the sliced onions for a while.


But if you are already into half the way through your curry preparation then you are in some serious trouble. Well, totally not that serious.  It is literally as easy as adding the vinegar, salt, lemon, tomatoes or sugar depending upon what are you cooking.

All these are proven absorbent for the unwanted smells.


If you are not in a rush, then you may also go with the idea of adding a little more oil and placing it on the low flame and cooking it until the smell vanishes.


To every problem, there is always a solution. Just stay focused and work towards getting rid of anything that panics you especially when you are in the kitchen. Because the mess created in the kitchen is the worst spoiler for the entire routine day.

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