Banana-Amaranth Porridge


Serves: 4

Time: 13 minutes (3 minutes cook time, 10 minutes natural release)

Amaranth is an ancient “grain,” though it technically isn’t a grain at all. It’s basically a bud, but has similar health benefits to other cereals, and it makes a darn tasty hot porridge. This recipe uses no added sugar; bananas add the sweetness.


2 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk

1 cup amaranth

2 sliced bananas Dash of cinnamon


1. Mix the amaranth, milk, and bananas in your pressure cooker.

2. Seal the lid.

3. Select “manual,” and cook on high pressure for just 3 minutes.

4. When time is up, hit “cancel” and wait for the pressure to come down on its own.

5. When all the pressure is gone, you can serve the porridge with cinnamon.

Nutritional Info (¼ recipe):

Total calories: 271

Protein: 8

Carbs: 47

Fiber: 3.25

Fat: 6


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