How to choose your cooking piano


As with the hobs and ovens, there is everything and at all prices for cookers and cooking pianos. While the stove is attached to an entry-level image limited to a width of 60 cm, to put in the kitchen, the cooking piano, it opens the field of possibilities. The cooking piano can be wide or even much wider and offer several cooking modes: induction, gas, griddle, wok, and even poly cooker, deep fryer, integrated bain-marie, etc.

Owning a cooking center returns a professional image. We love to cook, eat, share, with and around a beautiful device, which sits in the kitchen.

Yet, behind this high-end image, hides many brands of entry, environment and luxury. But above all, there are many finishes, more or less correct. The price varies enormously from one device to another, from one piano brand to another. The price / quality ratio can be really different, even on high-end devices.

So we made the decision to go around the brands of cooking pianos, and then offer by budget, a good price / quality ratio at

Criteria for choosing the cooking piano

Size: width of the cooking center

We consider that the cooking piano starts at a width of 70cm, but finds its true interest (comfort and design), only from 90cm, even 110cm of width. That’s why we will offer references in 70cm (the best-selling) and 110cm (for more comfort)

The elements of the cooking piano

The entablature of the cooking piano can be equipped with many appliances. Most general brands offer a wide range, bringing together the most popular cooking: gas, electric and induction.

Cooking piano specialists go further by offering professional accessories. At some manufacturers, the cooking piano is huge if you put everything you can put there: gas fireplaces, induction hobs, TeppanYaki, built-in fryer, bain-marie …

For the lower part of the piano, several different ovens can come to equip the device: oven pyrolysis, steam oven and combined steam, heating cabinet, cupboard utensils, etc.

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The finish of the cooking piano

The cooking piano has a professional oven image, voluminous and spacious. It is a beautiful object that is shown and is similar to the professional world at the “Bocuse”. This is not the image of cooking in the wood stove, but it remains a traditional image.

Among all the finishes of the cooking piano, the brands offer many more resolutely modern designs. Today, there are even more cooking centers that fit perfectly into a kitchen without a modern handle, than pianos with a traditional design.

Enameling the appliance

The cooking piano is a beautiful object. Almost ostentatious, we like to show it with pride. It is always highlighted by the cook who creates the new kitchen. The manufacturers also offer many finishes, and almost an infinity of colors. In fact, your cooking piano is custom made by specialist manufacturers.

Enamelling, for example, offers a piano with a wide range of colors. This will enhance it. The little housekeeper also follows this fashion: a color that contrasts sharply with the facades of the kitchen. Note however that piano marks with a real enamel (color applied by baking), charge this color option.

Piano handles and knobs

Today’s cookware manufacturers can create the design that will fit perfectly into your kitchen with different models, sizes and accessories, as we have just seen. But you can go so far as to change the design of the handles and the control buttons as well … The Smeg brand, for example, offers at least six button finishes and four handles.

Methods of cleaning

I will not go back to each mode of cleaning, but it is an important criterion on a device which is brought to receive a lot of dishes, large pieces of meat, etc. Indeed, the furnaces are located in the lower part, it will clean by stooping for long minutes. Pyrolysis, catalysis, or steam cleaning are therefore preferred.


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