Foods to Eat Regularly to Stay Fit


It is said that health starts on the plate but it starts especially when you do your shopping or purchase anything. Where it is always important to see the buyers trend of the market, same time it is also important to know what exactly you should buy in case of staying fit with having a healthy body. For healthy body, it is always important to know what items are good fit for your body and will give you enough energy. Mumbai Square one of the finest Indian restaurant in London, United Kingdom, which not only offer healthy Indian food, but also at the same time helps people to stay healthy by having healthy food on daily basis. Want to boost your energy and reduce the daily ills? Discover 10 healthy and natural foods mentioned by Mumbai Square, which have amazing properties.

Healthy Food You Need to Eat Daily

  1. Spirulina

Spirulina is considered the most complete natural food on our planet. This small seaweed is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids … It also contains phycocyanin, a complex protein with detoxifying properties , and phenylalanine, acid amine which intervenes in the  regulation of the appetite .

  • Ginger

Rich in surprises as in taste, ginger is a great food to adopt in cooking or herbal tea. True warrior of our immune system, it acts as antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The icing on the cake, the ginger facilitates the digestion while reducing the gases.

  • Green tea

Green tea is generally known for its detoxifying and antioxidant properties. As a bonus, it helps to speed up the metabolism. A little help to accompany you in your slimming program smoothly.

  • Aloe vera

Consumed in the form of juice or gel, aloe vera is a real source of rejuvenation. Vitamin bomb, this natural food also contains 7 essential amino acids and a ton of antioxidants. Healing for the stomach, it is very useful in cases of gastritis and also has antihistaminic properties.

  • Turmeric

A powerful natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric is useful for both curing and preventing: tendinitis, sprains, and allergies, inflammations of the digestive system … Avoid the problems and accelerate your healing by integrating it into your meals. To activate its virtues, you must associate turmeric with black pepper and a source of fat, such as vegetable oil.

  • The blond psyllium

This still unknown plant is marketed in the form of powder and relieves the fragile intestines. As a regulator of intestinal function, blond psyllium is consumed with water and swells to act as an internal lubricant. Unlike laxatives, it does not irritate the mucous membranes and can work on both diarrhea and constipation.

  • Goji berries

Not only do they contain 13% prot eines, but they are also extremely rich in vitamin C. A source of antioxidants, goji berries also help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Honey

To sweeten porridge, drinks and yogurts, nothing likes honey. Less transformed that stevia sweeteners and fashionable, it brings a lot of minute’s eraux essential. Good ally against colds; it also boosts of immune efenses winter, soothes the throat and provides a calming effect.  Honey is considered as one of healthy foods for human body. It also makes your immune system stronger.

  • Flax seeds

Inexpensive and easy to integrate in the kitchen, flaxseeds can decorate both salty and sweet dishes: salads, pasta, porridge, pastries … Their strong point? Their wealth om Ega-3, essential fatty acids for the body and Flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber and have useful anti-inflammatory properties against asthma and eczema. Attention, they must grind before consumption to benefit from their benefits or they will not be digested.

  1. Parsley

Rich in iron and calcium, parsley is as tasty as it is useful. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it helps fight against skin problems and helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, it stimulates digestion and protects the liver and intestine from cancer.


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