Honey carrots and garlic chicken


This an amazing combination, garlic, chicken, honey and carrots, you would better to serve it with some rice. The burst of garlic and the taste of honey will give it a special taste. Check out the ingredients and the guidelines below.

Ingredients :

4 boneless chicken thighs

1/2 cup honey

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (for extra spice)

1/2 soy sauce

salt (as per taste)

1/4 cup ketchup

garlic powder

5 garlic cloves (fine chopped)

1 pound baby carrots

1 tbps cornstarch



put some oil inside your instapot, allow the pot to heat by choosing he saute mode for few minutes. Take salt, garlic powder and pepper to marinate chicken tights. Cook the chicken inside your instant pot on both sides. For Chicken preparation mix red pepper flakes, water, ketchup, garlic, basil, soy sauce and honey.

Put carrots on the tights and the sauce too as well. You will cook this recipe for 5 minutes on high pressure. Take out your carrots and chicken after the timer beeps, and mix your cornstarch and water to the sauce inside the pot. This will make the sauce thick and you can season your tights with it.

Thanks for reading and for more recipes you can check out this ‘InstaPot Cookbooks‘.

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