How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs in InstaPot


The taste of cooking eggs differs from one person to another, even from one culture to another. Everybody agree that hard boiled eggs are one of the best energy snacks, in breakfast, in after gym training this is a very famous dish. Served with black pepper and salt, one of the best ways to cook it is being under-cooked, but we don’t forget the battle of peeling the shells off haha!!!

Generally the boiling process takes around 10 minutes, about eggs overly boiled, peeling the shell of your eggs is a real mess. In this recipe we will learn how to make this process less messy, so let’s check it out.


Eggs and Water.


1 take your instapot and place your trivet inside.

2 place eggs on top of the trivet, make sure there is enough space for eggs to move.

3 add some water, to cover the eggs.

4 after closing the lid set the pot to high pressure for five minutes.

5 release the pressure naturally after the instant pot beeps.

6 prepare a bowl of cold water and put your eggs inside, so you can peel the skin away.

7 serve your dish with black pepper and salt, enjoy.

Now you see how this recipe is easy and quick to prepare, so you can serve it as a snack or even a principal meal.

Thanks for reading and for more recipes you can check out this ‘InstaPot Cookbooks‘.

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