Instant Pot The Ultimate meal Guide



In order to get different and customized results, you should do different and customized techniques, so there is no need to settle for the ordinary stuff while you can call out your potential, and you can make it easy by using the Instant Pot.

Once you master these techniques, you become the master of your kitchen, and a new beginning is already started.

Let’s check this out!

Corn On the cob- the appetizer

One of the easiest recipes all you need is corn, water and some salt.


Take your instant pot and add 2 cups of water, place the steamer basket and add it corn inside. Lock your instant pot with the lid, and select High pressure. Set timer for two to three minutes. Release the pressure when you hear the famous beep of your instant pot. In the next few minutes the valve will be opened and there you go, it’s already ready for you. Spice your corn with some spices if you like, including salt, enjoy!



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