Instant Pot Accessories

Instant Pot Accessories

I really congratulate you by purchasing The Instant Pot,

And As you know every device has its own accessories that improve its efficiency, so let’s discover THE BEST of them right away.

1 Accu SV800 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

 This is one of the best lightweight gadgets on the market, will make you feel in a high-quality restaurant from the comfort of your home, with a simple push of a button. Its
friendly user interface makes it very easy to deal with, making you a professional chef.

– very easy to clamps to inner posts (6Qt/8Qt)

– Very easy and fast to clean

– A secure design

– Friendly digital screen controls

– Washable of course


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2 Tempered Glass Lid 9”, Stainless Steel

-A Professional grade tempered glass lid is one of the must-have for your instant pot

-Stainless Steel Rim

-Steam-Release Vent

-Clear view because of its transparent glass

-Compatible to most pressure cookers, 6Qt/6L or 5Qt/5L

-Fits to Instant Pot IP-LUX60/50, IP-DUO60/50

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3 Ceramic non-stick inner pot 6Qt

Exclusively manufactured by Instant Pot. Very useful for sticky food, like rice.

– Aluminum made

– Ceramic non-stick interior

-Safe for your dishwasher

– Free of PTFE and PFOA plastic

– 6L Instant Pot (LUX/DUO/SMART) supported

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4 Inner Pot with 3 Ply Bottom, Stainless Steel 6Qt

To avoid over-heating this is a great accessory, made with 3 Ply bottom

– Exclusively designed for 6 Qt Instant Pot ( IP/DUO/SMART/CSG)

– Used only with this Instant Pot Reference ( see above)

– Durable

– Mirror surface to avoid food to stick around the surface

– Safe for your dishwasher

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5 Silicone Sealing Ring

This device will make your cooking process efficient by avoiding steam leaks, perfectly used with Instant Pot, avoid using with other Instant pots on the market

– Long-lasting silicone compound component

– Fits 5Qt and 6Qt

– safe for your dishwasher

– Lifework is between 18 to 24 months

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6 Silicone Mitts

To protect your hands from being burnt this is very useful

– Excellent control

– Hands protecting

– Easy and comfortable to use

– Safe food silicone

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