The Best InstaPot Accessory To Make It Even More Amazing


There is a reason why everyone talks about the quality of Instapot. It’s because they are awesome. We have already considered one of the best instapot and now we have assembled the best accessories to match your new brilliant and wonderful kitchen appliance.

You see, owning a big instant pot is only part of the journey. You need the appropriate extras to get the most out of your device. Once you do that, you will find that your instant pot can not do much. Here is our selection of accessories currently available.

Silicone sealing rings: Set of 2 original sealing rings for instant boiling pan

Since an instant kettle, it is very easy for your seal ring to absorb the smell and taste of what you cook. It’s really not good if you use your instant jar to prepare sweet and savory meals.

Avoid this problem by purchasing this pack of sealing rings. Available in two different colors, you can always remember that red means sweet and blue means salty (or vice versa), so they are never used for the wrong occasion. Because they are the real thing, they will keep your instant pot safe even with a very tight fit.

Extra Pot: Instant Pot in Stainless Steel

If you are not super organized, there will be a time when you want to have an extra pot inside. Buy the original Instapot stainless steel pressure cooker, and all these problems disappear.

It is useful to have a second inner pot for several reasons. It is obvious that if you prepare several dishes, you save a lot of problems. The instant pot is perfect for cooking in batch mode, so you will probably need an extra pot. The other reason is that it can save you from having to do an occasional washing of dishes (or a dishwasher).

Tempered Glass Lid: SkyGenius Tempered Glass Lid

A tempered glass lid such as the SkyGenius tempered glass lid effectively turns your instant kettle into a slow cooker, and how could it ever be a good thing?

The lid allows you to easily see through the top and check that your food is cooking well while inserting a small hole for steam extraction or even a thermometer. There is also a spoon pad that is super convenient. It is dishwasher safe, has a sturdy handle and is made of toughened glass.

Silicone lid: Silicone lid for instant pot

Another cover? You would be surprised at the usefulness of the Instant Pot silicone lid, but in a different way than the glass lid. This time, it is an ideal cover to seal the air, splash and splash around the container. This means you can move it safely without risking your delicious meal. It’s also great for storing leftovers safely, because you have the replacement inner pot, right?


The lid is BPA free and dishwasher safe. It’s also the official product, so you know it’s safe.

Steam Basket: Kaviatek Stainless Steel Steam Basket

The big advantage of Instant Pot is its versatility. To achieve this versatility, you need accessories like the Kaviatek stainless steel steam basket. It allows you to cook steamed vegetables so that they are perfect and prepare the rice perfectly in your Instapot.

Made of food-grade stainless steel, this convenient basket does not pose a rust hazard. There is a silicone-covered handle that keeps you safe when you lift the inner pot basket. It is a well made basket and ideal for preparing your potatoes and vegetables like that.

Stackable Steam Pans: Steamed Cookware for Ekovana Stackable Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

Do you remember what we said about versatility? Buy Ekovana Stainless Stackable Steamer Cookware Pans and you can cook two foods at the same time without any problem. The perfect example here is if you want to cook meat or fish while steaming the vegetables that go with it. Alternatively, you can always use a saucepan as a dessert pan to create a two-course meal at the same time.

It’s a very flexible way of doing things and it’s just cooking a little more than usual or reheating leftovers properly. Two are better than one, right?

Cake Mold: 7 “Hiware Non-stick Chewing & Cake Pan Chewable Cake Pan

The instant pot is good enough for many things, and this includes baking cakes or cheesecakes. However, you need the right pan where the Hiware Nonstick 7 in. Non-Stick Cake Pan / Cake Pan is perfect. It has a two-layer non-stick coating, which means you do not have to grind the pan first.

A Springform loop eases the release of your cake and is also oven safe if you wish to bake it at the end. Get ready to make a ton of baked cheese cake.

Egg rack: Aozita stackable egg rack

The Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Bracket allows you to cook up to 14 boiled eggs in minutes at a time. If you are a family who likes to eat hard boiled eggs, this is the accessory of instant pot you need.

There is a little more. You can also use the rack as a steam plate for other foods or as a refrigerated shelf on the line if you wish. Basically, you can use it for something big enough to not fall between the holes. For only $ 10, it’s truly a sparkling moment for boiled egg lovers.

Hot Plate Pliers: TOPOKO Green Stainless Steel Retriever Pliers

No matter what you prepare, things will get very hot. That’s why you need good grips such as the TOPOKO green stainless steel retriever forceps. These clips can be easily attached to the pot inside the Instapot as well as hotplates or bowls. Using it, the clamp does the work hot while your hands grip the ends of the silicone-coated forceps firmly.

It is possible to lift with one hand or even more than 5 pounds, if you use both hands and use two separate handles. And yes, for the price, you get two sets of winnings. Enjoy incorruptible hands.

Coasters: I love this kitchen: Top quality silicone coaster mat

Again, heat is the enemy of your hands, but also the surface of your kitchen, at least when it comes to pouring the pots inside your Instapots. Buy the premium Love This Kitchen silicone coasters and do not be afraid to damage your beautiful kitchen gadgets.

Soft and flexible, but remarkably resistant, these coasters also reduce the risk of overflow. They also look very chic and fit well in a modern kitchen, instead of looking too obvious.


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